Whether connecting to Consequence with your accounting software package or bank accounts, we take care of your sensitive data.

Our product leverages 256-bit encrypted bank-grade security compliant technology, that’s used by millions of people with their business and personal banks every day. It’s not simple but it is a proven technology that’s built on Open Banking supported by the UK Government.

Consequence is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (license no. 903009) to use your financial transaction data to calculate your carbon footprint.

There is no more secure way to transfer the information necessary for an accurate carbon footprint analysis.

Historically, calculating your carbon footprint has been a complex task that for anyone wanting to have confidence in the results, required external consultants.

The first step would be providing these consultants with hundreds of documents, accounts, invoices and other sensitive material.

Share only what you need.

With your permission, the types of data you share may include things like:

  • Account holder name

  • Account balance (used to calculate the impact of the cash you hold with banks)

  • Transaction data including supplier name; cost; date and so on.

You can view all connected accounts, and you can at any time revoke this permission. We do not save any bank or accounting software login details.

Consequence is designed with your business’ safety in mind.

  • Multi-factor authentication.
    To help secure your account, we’ve added MFA as part of your login process.

  • Open Banking.
    A robust secure framework trusted by millions daily.

  • Regulated and monitored.
    We are financially regulated and work with our partners to ensure the best level of security.

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